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The WCMS uses an Oracle database installed on the server in which the site's content is saved. In addition, the Oracle database is used to power the CMS software because the WebAG Automat has been developed using the Oracle programming language PL/SQL.

To run the system, just one "Oracle Standard Edition One" database license is required. This includes the Apache webserver software that handles the publishing of the dynamically generated web pages and the operation of the authoring system.

Both the content and the software can be administered from within the Oracle database which means that the webag automat can run on any server operating system that supports Oracle. These include Windows, Linux and Unix.

The IT department does not need to dedicate any employees to the administration of a Java application server. Existing DBA know-how is fully sufficient.

The performance of the system is always good because frictional losses do not occur as are otherwise usual with Java application servers. Intranets with several thousand users can be hosted on a single server without causing any problems.

Stability is outstanding because the webag automat is as stable as the Oracle database itself, thanks to its PL/SQL coding.

You can use an existing LDAP-server to authorize the users. If you have not yet implemented an authorization-system, we use a cookie-based login-procedure which is shipped with the webag automat-software.

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