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Version management

The version management function built into webag automat controls shared access by authors to the documents contained in the content database.

All changes made to web pages are archived and can be traced back, undone or re-used as the basis for a new version at any time. Who and when someone made a change is fully documented and trackable at any time. Accidental changes can be fully undone again at any time.

For each page a version summary provides an overview of all of the steps in the page's development history together with the authors that were responsible for making the changes. The single development stages of the website can be compared with each other.

Deleted documents can still be viewed in the "recycle bin" and they can be restored. The webmaster can define the period of time over which deleted pages are stored.

Once editing of the pages is complete the author can then publish the new version. Up to this point in time visitors to the website will still be viewing the previous version.

Depending upon the administrative permissions assigned to the respective author he may either take the decision to publish the new version himself or this may be deferred to his administrator or webmaster.

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